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Be The Change NZ is inspired by anti-bullying programmes all over the world, including NZ; such as USA's own Ellen, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, The Bully Project, Challenge Day; NZ's Attitude Programme, The Mental Health Foundation and Youthline; England's Bullying UK and the Anti-Bullying Alliance.


Bullying is the HIGHEST rated social issue in New Zealand schools. Rather than finger-pointing, lecturing to or attacking people for this problem, Be The Change NZ focus on a preventative approach - one that highlights the positive aspects of schools and empowers young people to build on and promote this.

“Social and emotional learning (SEL) programming has been proven to be an effective way to reduce the likelihood of bullying in particular because it promotes skills, empathy, behaviours, attitudes, and environmental factors that are incompatible with bullying and other forms of negative peer interactions”. “SEL programming is based on the understanding that the best learning emerges in the context of supportive relationships that make learning challenging, engaging, and meaningful; social and emotional skills are critical to being a good student, citizen, and worker; and many different risky behaviors (e.g., drug use, violence, bullying, and dropout) can be prevented or reduced when multi-year, integrated efforts develop students’ social and emotional skills.” Casel, 2011.

Small acts of kindness...

Small acts of kindness are an easy way to make a huge impact on others. There are countless simple things you can do to help someone right away.

The Ministry of Education surveyed teachers (post Christchurch's earthquake) and concluded that, with permission from the Mental Health Foundation they adopt the “5 ways to well-being” framework to support communities in Christchurch and created a website that would improve well-being, where individuals are encouraged to build into their daily lives: Connect, Be active, Take notice, Give and Keep Learning. Our workshops are based around this framework and the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa

Through these life-changing projects, young people are learning: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, decision-making, compassion, empowerment, confidence, commitment, participation, connectivity, leadership, creativity, self-worth and value. Our programmes are designed with the Values and Principles of the New Zealand Curriculum at its core (it is also ideally suited for use within the learning area of Health and Physical Education).

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