Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.

Watch this video The Science of Happiness, which is about giving, and the benefits (ie that your brains pleasure and reward centres actually light up, as if you were the recipient of the good deed – not the giver) and that giving is a good way to help people connect better.

Some Ideas:

  • Set up trestle tables somewhere central, have appreciation cards to give out to every class in the morning (you can make cards from paper, get stickers so students can make the cards look nice etc). Send this note to be read out when the cards are delivered.
  • Write out an anonymous note to anyone in the school – teachers, office staff, peers etc and tell them what you appreciate about them. Use our cards or make your own. Bring your card to the hall at lunchtime (we’ll have stickers and stamps so you can decorate them if you want) and we’ll deliver them for you tomorrow (after the notes have been vetted by a teacher for any negativity or rudeness). Tell us what form room you are in when you hand your note over and the form room that gives us the most appreciation cards to deliver WINS A PRIZE!
  • Also during lunchtime, take cards around to the different ‘cliques’ and groups that won’t come to the hall and encourage them to be involved.