If you notice someone in your school or class doing something well or helpful,

showing leadership or ‘going the extra mile’ then we challenge you to write it on a piece of paper or a card and drop it into the box. For example “William – I felt lonely yesterday until you came over and had lunch with me - thanks” or “Dear Mrs Middleton – thanks for the extra help yesterday in Science” or if you just want to compliment someone for example “Dear Kate, your smile always brightens up the room” or “Hi Harry, I think you’re an amazing singer” etc (feel free to replace with your own ideas).

Once a week, the form teacher can hand out the compliments!

Ideas: Give an incentive ie the form class that receives the most compliments over a 4 week period, wins a pizza party. Introduce the idea in assembly or form time and give examples as per above. A teacher will need to check each compliment to ensure they are all positive.