Compliment people, magnify their strengths, and not their weaknesses

The idea behind RAOK week is very simple.  It’s about encouraging and empowering people to do things for others just to benefit others.  It’s about trying to establish a new ‘cool’ as students do what they know is right, but have been too afraid to do it.

Some Ideas:

  • Monday – Compliments Wanted; Give as many compliments as you can to your classmates, teachers, friends, and family members. Give at least one HUG!
  • Tuesday – Mix it Up; Introduce yourself to someone new. Get to know someone you don’t know well. Eat lunch with someone new.
  • Wednesday – Protect our Home; Clean up our environment. Pick up rubbish along the way. Collect cans and bottles and recycle them.
  • Thursday – Heal Old Wounds; Forgive someone that has hurt you. Ask for forgiveness if you have hurt someone else. Say “I’m sorry for…”
  • Friday – Show Some Love; Thank someone you love and respect. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Share your love and respect for them.

Some Steps to Take:

  1. Promote with posters like: RAOK Week ‘Open a door for someone’, RAOK Week ‘shout someone lunch’
  2. Advertise at assemblies the event and let them know that there will be mystery kindness monitors rewarding acts.
  3. Ask students to post on facebook/instagram/twitter what others did for them to celebrate RAOK week
  4. Be kind