Supporters and Supporting Us

Be The Change NZ would be no more than a twinkle in the eye of our founder without the following donations.


You have literally helped change lives for the better. Thank you.

Become a supporter now by clicking the DONATE button below. Your donation will help continue the communication and sharing of our resources with young people, whānau and those working with youth.




We have recently received generous donations from:

The Canterbury Community Trust for their donation to place a 10 week project and workshop in Linwood College.

The Ministry of Social Development's "Te Punanga Haumaru Fund" for our Development Workshop, Pilot at Cashmere High School, 2014 projects and the #upstand project.

Aviva Families for sponsoring our scoping trip to America and for providing amazing business supervision.

The Infinity Foundation for our scoping trip to America.

The Warehouse for discounting our pilot T-Shirts and workshop snacks and for the Customer Choice Programme donations.

Ara Taiohi for supporting our Youth Week event 'Appreciation Evening 2014'.